Wilco  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 1900

Wilco  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 1900

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    ADP-Wilco Placement sample question papers

    ADP WILCO off-campus at vijayawada.

    1.Written Test:
    This consists of 4-sections.Duration - 1Hr 20 Min

    i).Aptitude-40 questions(20 from verbal 20 from

    Each question carries 1 mark

    Verbal section consists 10 analogies and 10 fill
    in blanks. Analogies are easy if u study verbal
    reasoning by R.s Agrawal.Similarly fill in the
    blanks.No synonyms or antonyms.

    some of Analogies are 1.calssmates:class
    Some of Fill in blanks are

    1.Unlike other creatures,who are shaped largely
    by their_______
    environment,human beings are products of a
    culture accumulated over centuries,yet one
    htat a constantly being______by infusion of
    new information from everywhere.
    2)In their preface,the collection's editor
    plead that certain of the important articles
    they______were published too recently for
    inclusion,but in the case of many such
    articles,this____is not valid.
    a)discussed..replacement b)omitted..excuse
    3)For centuries animals have been used as
    ___for people in experiments to asses the
    effects of therapeutic and other agents that
    might later be used in humans.
    a)benefators b)companions c)examples
    4)The labor union and company's
    management, despite their long history of
    unfailingly acerbic disagreement on nearly every
    issue,have nevertheles reached an
    unexpectedly____,albeit still tentative
    agreement on next year's contract
    a)swift b)onerous c)hesitant d)reluctant e)
    5)Far from viewing Jefferson as a skeptical but
    enlightened intellectual ,historians of the
    1960's protrayed him as ____thinker,eager to
    fill young with his political orthodoxy while
    censoring ideas he did not like.
    a)adventurous b)a doctrine c)cynical
    d)judicious e)ecletic

    6)In response to the follies of todays's
    commercial and political worlds,the author
    does not ____inflamed indignation ,but
    rather___ the detatchment and smooth aphoristic prose
    of an eighteenth-century wit
    a)display...rails at b)rely on..avoids
    c)supress... clings to
    d)express...affects e)resorts to...spurns

    Quant section consists of 20 questins.Many of them
    were given from partnerships and intrest
    rates topics.

    ii). C question - 20 no
    Each question carries 2 marks.

    The questions will be little bit tough.Some of
    them were asked on pointers mainly.

    iii). In this section,u will be given a big program
    code and analyze it
    to answer 5 questions based upon it.
    Each question carries 4 marks.
    It is a vey big prog running 3 pages.I analyzed
    it for 10 min.I found that it is on linked
    This section is vey tough and consumes ur time.

    iV).essay writing: u need to pen ur thoughts on an
    topic in 100 words.
    Topic: RESOLUTION: write ur thoughts.

    Many of friends misintrepated as screen
    resolution.It is wrong.

    2.Interview(TECH and HR combined):

    Each candidate has been interviewed for 15 min.3
    favourite subjects need to be selected.

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