When Life Goes On: Life Of A Cancer Survivor

When Life Goes On: Life Of A Cancer Survivor


Cancer changes people, and when they survive, they face a raft of physical and emotional issues. Emory offers programs to help them cope. Heres the journey of one pediatric cancer patient, Darren Johnson, who made it. For the rest of Darren's story, read: "When life goes on" Emory Health, Spring 2010 http://whsc.emory.edu/home/publications/health-sciences/emory-health/spring10/when-life-goes-on.html Credits Photos by Jack Kearse Music by Brallit Links Sound Science: "Helping patients cope with cancer's emotional fallout" http://www.whsc.emory.edu/soundscience/archives/burke.html Emory's Mind Body Program http://www.psychiatry.emory.edu/PROGRAMS/mindbody/ Winship Cancer Support http://winshipcancer.emory.edu/WinshipContentPage.aspx?nd=702 Winship Cancer Institute http://winshipcancer.emory.edu

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