Whats Next On The Hitlist With JQuery UI

  • 19 Jan, 2012

    There?s a lot of movement right now. We finally pushed out 1.7 3 days ago, which we believe is a solid foundation for everything that?s coming in in the next couple of months. While 1.7 was a stability and foundation release, the next releases will concentrate around features, so expect to see many more components soon. Some examples are the colorpicker, menu, grid, tooltip and tree widgets.Additionally, my personal goal is to target more platforms, for example the iPhone. Early test implementations I did show that it?s fairly doable to support the touch events, and therefore make all jQuery UI interaction compatible with mobile devices.Additionally, I?m working on a brand new lab section to be able to push feature development without any restrictions. This allows us to work on anything we find is cool, but maybe not on the roadmap.

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