What's Prototypes For JavaScript

  • 5 Mar, 2012

    Objects have "prototypes" from which they may inherit fields and functions.<script type="text/javascript">function movieToString() {return("title: "+this.title+" director: "+this.director);}function movie(title, director) {this.title = title;this.director = director || "unknown"; //if null assign to "unknown"this.toString = movieToString; //assign function to this method pointer}movie.prototype.isComedy = false; //add a field to the movie's prototypevar officeSpace = new movie("OfficeSpace");var narnia = new movie("Narni","Andrew Adamson");document.write(narnia.toString());document.write("Narnia a comedy? "+narnia.isComedy);officeSpace.isComedy = true; //override the default just for this objectdocument.write("Office Space a comedy? "+officeSpace.isComedy);</script>

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