What This Function Connect() Does

  • 27 Feb, 2012

    Specifying a Remote Socket - connect()#include <sys/types.h>#include <sys/socket.h>int connect(int s, struct sockaddr *name, int namelen)The bind() call only allows specification of a local address. To specify the remote side of an address connection the connect() call is used. In the call to connect, s is the file descriptor for the socket. name is a pointer to a structure of type sockaddr:struct sockaddr { u_short sa_family; char sa_data[14]; };As with the bind() system call, name.sa_family should be AF_UNIX. name.sa_data should contain up to 14 bytes of a file name which will be assigned to the socket. namelen gives the actual length of name. A return value of 0 indicates success, while a value of -1 indicates failure with errno describing the error.A sample code fragment:struct sockaddr name;name.sa_family = AF_UNIX;strcpy(name.sa_data, "/tmp/sock");if (connect(s, &name, strlen(name.sa_data) +sizeof(name.sa_family)) < 0) {printf("connect failure %dn", errno);}

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