What Is The Required Maintenance For Welding Robots

  • 2 Jan, 2012

    Welding robots have their own set of maintenance needs. Robotic welding systems have to keep everything regulated correctly - torch angle, wire feed, gas flow. As with most equipment, when it comes to welding robots, a little maintenance goes a long way. RobotWorx recommends paying attention to these items for the best results: * Proper connection of welding leads: Positive from power source to wire feeder and negative from power source to work piece, table, and fixture. * Wire feeder: The wire drive roll needs to have the proper tension and the rollers must be the proper size. * Welding Gun: Check the condition of torch contact tips, nozzles, and make sure there is the right amount of gas flowing through the gun. * Robot Tool Center Point (TCP): Make sure you've programmed this point correctly. It controls the torch's position and makes it possible for the robot to perform the proper movements.

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