What Is The Basic Unit Of CSS

  • 6 Jan, 2012

    The basic unit of CSS is a definition of a style property for a selected HTML tag written in the following syntax:html_tag_name {style_property_name: style_property_value}For example:/* set background color to black for the <BODY> tag */BODY {background-color: black}/* set font size to 16pt for the <H1> tag */H1 {font-size: 16pt}/* set left margin to 0.5 inch for the <BLOCKQUOTE> tag */BLOCKQUOTE {margin-left: 0.5in}How Many Ways to Attach CSS to HTML Documents?There are 3 ways to attach CSS to HTML documents:► Included in the STYLE attribute of HTML tags.► Included in the STYLE tag inside the HEAD tag.► Included in an external file and specify it in the LINK tag inside the HEAD tag.

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