What Is Package Testing Life Cycle

  • 29 Jan, 2012

    Testing life cycle followed for all the packaged applications like Oracle, SAP, Siebel, CRM tools, Supply Chain management applications, etc are detailed in the below diagram. ► Identifying the business processes ► Organization of the project team ► Setting up the communication channel ► Kick start the project ► Identifying the infrastructure availability ► Reporting structure and project co-ordination ► Requirement Study ► Identifying the business rules ► Mapping the business processes ► Identify the test conditions ► Setting up the test environment for the system ► Forms the input needed for the configurations ► Configuration & Customization ► Activating the business rules ► Development of certain flows ► Identifying certain flows not in the standard ► Forming the system configurations ► Unit Testing ► Uploading the master data ► End user training ► Simulating all the flows ► Tie-up between interfaces ► Operational Readiness Testing and UAT ► Sign-off ► Migrate to new system ► Transfer all legacy business applications ► Communicate deployment status. ► Support new system ► Transfer ownership to system owner ► Take customer acceptance after production deployment

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