What Is AutoText In MS Office

  • 20 Feb, 2012

    AutoText is a way to store and quickly insert text, graphics, fields, tables, bookmarks, and other items that you use frequently. Word comes with a library of AutoText entries (see the items listed under AutoText on the Insert menu or turn on the AutoText toolbar, then click on All Entries). You can create your own AutoText entries with either of the following methods.Method 1: 1. Choose AutoCorrect or AutoCorrect Options from the Tools menu, then click on the AutoText tab. 2. Type the text of your new AutoText entry in the Enter AutoText entries here box, then click on Add. 3. Make sure the Show AutoComplete tip check box is checked. 4. Click OK.Word will show a tip on the screen after you type the first 4 or 5 letters that match the AutoText entry. Press Enter to accept the entry or keep typing to ignore it. If AutoComplete is turned off, you can insert AutoText entries with the AutoText toolbar (see Method 2).Method 2: 1. Turn on the AutoText toolbar (choose Toolbars from the View menu, then select AutoText). 2. Select the text you want for an AutoText entry, then click on the New button on the AutoText toolbar. 3. Make up a shortcut name for this entry. 4. To use the shortcut, type the shortcut, then immediately press F3.

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