What Is A Robot Work Envelope

  • 19 Dec, 2011

    A robot can only work in the area in which it can move. This area is called the work envelope. The work envelope is determined by how far the robot's arm can reach and how flexible the robot is. The more reach and flexibility a robot has, the larger the work envelope will be. Axes - The number of axes a robot has define its flexibility level. The typical industrial robot has six axes of movement.Length of arm segments - The robot's axes link arm segments which each vary in length. The length of the arms combined with the capabilities of each axis determine a robot's reach.Placement - Robots have different mounting options. Their work envelopes vary in scope depending on whether they are shelf, ceiling, wall, or floor mounted. Some robots can be mounted to tracks or gantry systems, which further expands their work envelopes.Construction - A robot's strength effects its work space. Robots have different payload capacities which in turn determine the type of EOAT that can be attached.

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