What Is A Block Element In CSS

  • 2 Feb, 2012

    A block element is formatted as a rectangular block occupying the entire width of the parent content box. Examples of block elements are:► <P> - A paragraph of text and/or inline elements.► <PRE> - A paragraph of text with white spaces preserved.► <LI> - A list item. Identical to <P; except that it has list-item marker on the left.► <TABLE> - A table of cells. Each cell is identical to <P>► <FORM> - An input form. Identical to <P> except that it has no margins.► <DIV> - A container to group elements into a block element.► <H1/H2/H3...> - A title line. Identical to <P> except that it has different margins and font size► <HR> - A horizontal ruler.

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