What Do You Do To Resolve SOC-7 Error

  • 28 Feb, 2012

    Basically you need to correct the offending data. Many times the reason for SOC7 is an un-initialized numeric item. Examine that possibility first. Many installations provide you a dump for run time ABEND?s (it can be generated also by calling some subroutines or OS services thru assembly language). These dumps provide the offset of the last instruction at which the ABEND occurred. Examine the compilation output XREF listing to get the verb and the line number of the source code at this offset. Then you can look at the source code to find the bug. To get capture the runtime dumps, you will have to define some datasets (SYSABOUT etc) in the JCL. If none of these are helpful, use judgment and DISPLAY to localize the source of error. Some installation might have batch program debugging tools. Use them.

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