What Do We Need To Deploy A Web Service

  • 29 Feb, 2012

    At the command prompt:WSDL http://ip address ofthe site/WebService/MathService.asmx /n:NameSp /out:FileName.cs]-This will create a file called FileNmame.cs .WSDL -> WebServices Description Language (This is an application available at C:ProgramFilesMicrosoft.NETFrameworkSDKBin)NameSp -> Name of the NameSpace which will be used in client code for deploying thewebservice.2.CompilationCSC /t:library /r:system.web.dll /r:system.xml.dll CreatedFile.csThis will create a dll with the name of the public class of the asmx file.( In our case, itis AddNumbers.dll )CSC is an application available at C:WINNTMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv1.0.29143.Put the dll file inside WWWRooTBIN [Create a BIN Folder in WWWRoot]

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