What Are The Usages Of Java Packages

  • Posted by  Suresh 
    27 Jun, 2012

    Question : What are the usages of Java packages?
    Answer: It helps resolve naming conflicts when different packages have classes with the same names. This also helps you
    organize files within your project. For example: java.io package do something related to I/O and java.net
    package do something to do with network and so on. If we tend to put all .java files into a single package, as the
    project gets bigger, then it would become a nightmare to manage all your files.
    You can create a package as follows with package keyword, which is the first keyword in any Java program
    followed by import statements. The java.lang package is imported implicitly by default and all the other packages
    must be explicitly imported.
    package com.xyz.client ;
    import java.io.File;
    import java.net.URL;

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