What Are The Nine Accounting Cycles

  • 24 Dec, 2011

    1. Collecting and Analyzing Data from the occurred transaction.2. Journalize Transaction.3. The general journal entries are posted to the General Ledger, which is organized by account.4. Prepare an unadjusted trial balance .At the end of the period, double-entry accounting requires that debits and credits recorded in the general ledger be equal.5. Prepare adjustments Period-end adjustments are required to bring accounts to their proper balances after considering transactions and/or events not yet recorded.6. Prepare an adjusted trial balance: As with an unadjusted trial balance, this step tests the equality of debits and credits.7. Prepare financial statements: Financial statements are prepared using the corrected balances from the adjusted trial balance.8. Close the accounts: Revenues and expenses are accumulated and reported by period, a monthly, either quarterly, or yearly9. Prepare a post-closing trial balance: fold: to determine that all revenue and expense accounts have been closed properly and to test the equality of debit and credit balances of all the balance sheet accounts.

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