What Are String Functions In VBScript

  • 24 Jan, 2012

    Asc() - Returns ANSI Character CodeChr() - Returns Character from ANSI CodeInStr() - Find a string within anotherInStrRev() - Find a string within another (Reverse)LCase() - Convert a string to lowercaseLeft() - Crops a string from leftLen() - Determine the length of a stringLTrim() - Remove leading spaces from a stringMid() - Crops a stringReplace() - Replace a substring within a stringRight() - Crops a string from rightRTrim() - Remove trailing spaces from a stringSpace() - Creates a string with the specified number of spacesStrComp() - Compare two stringsString() - Creates a repeated character stringStrReverse() - Reverse the characters of a stringTrim() - Remove both leading and trailing spaces from a stringUCase() - Convert a string to uppercase

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