What Are Some New Features And Hotkeys Of Windows 7

  • 10 Feb, 2012

    There are a lot of new shortcuts to save you time in Windows 7. A few of our favorites are:► Win + Up ? Maximize Current Window► Win + Down ? Restore, or Minimize Current Window► Win + Left or Right ? Snap active window to the left or right side of the screen► Win + Space ? Aero Peek at the desktop► Win + Shift + Up ? Stretch a window to the top/bottom of the screen► Win + Shift + Left or Right ? Move a window to the left or right monitor (Multi-Monitor setups only)► ?Shake? a window by its menu bar to hide all other open windows. Shake again to restore.► Win + Tab ? Windows Flip3D (a very fancy alt-tab)On the taskbar:► Drag a program shortcut to the taskbar ? Pins the program► Win + T ? Selects the taskbar, so you can navigate with the arrow keys► Shift + L-Click or Middle-Click on a pinned program ? Launch a 2nd instance of the program► Ctrl + Shift + L-Click on a pinned program ? Launch program with admin rights► Ctrl + L-Click on a pinned program, cycle through the active windows one by one (similar to alt-tab)

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