What Are Numeric Data Types

  • 9 Feb, 2012

    MySQL supports the following numeric data types:► BIT(n) - An integer with n bits.► BOOL same as BOOLEAN - Boolean values stored in 1 bit.► TINYINT - A small integer stored in 1 byte.► SMALLINT - A small integer stored in 2 bytes.► MEDIUMINT - A medium integer stored in 3 bytes.► INT same as INTEGER - An integer stored in 4 bytes.► BIGINT - An integer stored in 8 bytes.► FLOAT - A single-precision floating-point number stored in 4 bytes.► DOUBLE same as DOUBLE PRECISION - A double-precision floating-point number stored in 8 bytes.► REAL - Same DOUBLE by default.► DECIMAL(m,d) - A fixed-point number with m as the precision (total number of digits) and d as the scale (number of digits after the decimal point).► Date and Time Data Types - DATE, DATETIME, TIMESTAMP, TIME, YEAR.

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