What About A Cover Letter

  • 2 Feb, 2012

    Your cover letter should be brief and concise. Personalize the letter as much as appropriate and include the name of the person who referred you. A nice cover letter should state that . . . " Dear manager: I have been referred to you by such and such, a friend of mine (or a colleague of mine or a classmate of mine, etc.) who I have known for bla bla bla years.He mentioned that you have an opening in bla bla bla, an area that I am familiar with . . .I wouldn't obsess over the cover letter. A good cover letter is important but it's not like a manager will say, " I am going to hire this person because she has a real groovy cover letter."I wouldn't include self-serving documents like letters of recommendation at this early point. Visit my pharmaceutical resume page for more tips.

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