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The College of Arts and Sciences is an intellectual center where fundamental knowledge in the humanities, social and natural sciences, and mathematics is created, preserved and communicated. The liberal education facet of our academic programs helps our students become life-long learners who can think clearly and critically, communicate precisely and effectively, and interpret with insight, imagination and compassion. Our academic programs also provide the practical and theoretical knowledge required for successful careers and/or for advanced studies in graduate and professional schools. Our faculty members engage their undergraduate and graduate students in collaborative scholarly projects to further enhance their educational experience. The College of Arts and Sciences, which teaches over 70 percent of the general education curriculum, is dedicated to the ideal of serving all students at WIU with an education committed to excellence.

wiu college of arts and sciences western illinois university

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aardonyx "earth claw" dinosaur discovery 70 10 Sep, 2011
titan arum - wiu greenhouse may 2, 2010 63 10 Sep, 2011
wiu titan arum 830 p.m. may 2, 59 10 Sep, 2011
titan arum #3 at western illinois university 54 10 Sep, 2011
corpse flower blooming (time-lapse) june 27-29, 2010 69 10 Sep, 2011
titan arum #3 june 22-26, 2010 at western illinois university 58 10 Sep, 2011

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