Virtusa  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-11 Jun 2007

Virtusa  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-11 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,
    This is sravani. First of all , I would like to thank this site and all the friends who posted their experience in this site. I went to Virtusa' campus interview on 11th n 12th of  june-2007.

    The interview process consists of 4 sections-
    1) Written Test
    2) GD
    3) Technical Interview
    4) HR Interview

    A total of 850 people attended the interview. Out of which around 114 cleared the written test. Around 80 people cleared GD. 35 students cleared the technical interview. Finally 29 students were selected after the HR interview. On 11th we went there by 8:00am. Then we had a PPT whish is followed by a written test.

    In Written Test ,we had 5 sections--
    1) Verbal
    2) Analytical
    3) Technical -- C&DS
    4) Attention to details
    5) Learning ability

    No negative marking.  There is sectional cut off.
    Verbal section includes--
    a)  Reading Comprehension
    b)  Fill in the blanks with prepositions
    and many more questions related to grammar.

    This section was easy and we need to know basic rules of grammar,thts it
    This section includes--
    a)  Problems related to venn diagrams
    b)  problems on cubes
    c) some reasoning problems

    Reasoning problems like  ----
    p+q means p&q are brothers
    p*q means p is the mother of q
    Q)  if p*q+r, then wt is the relation between p&r
    A)  p is the mother of r

    3) Technical- C&DS
    In this section all the questions r from c&ds and 90% of the questions r from DS. U shud be very good at DS to clear this section. Prepare DS well.

    4) Attention to details:
    In this section, some questions like the following are given--
    if $ represents 1 n * represents 0; then wt is the value ****$$$$
    A) 15

    5) Learning ability:
    In this section a big passage was given and atime of 10 min was given. After 10 min the passage was taken back and some questions on tht passage was given.

    2) GD:
    our topic was " Are we passive to corruption in India"
    They gav 1 min time to think some points. The GD lasted 4 10 min. Ther will be an added advantage if u initiate the topic.

    3) Technical interview:
    It lasted for 25 min. C,DS,DBMS  basics were asked. A program is given to write the code of it.

    4) HR interview
    All simple questions r asked. This round was not tht strict.
    They announced the results T 9:00pm on jun-12th and i was very happy to see my name in the final list.

    ALL THE BEST n see u at Virtusa.   

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