Virtusa  Placement Paper   General - Other   J.N.T.U College Of Engineering, Anantapur-13 Jul 2007

Virtusa  Placement Paper   General - Other   J.N.T.U College Of Engineering, Anantapur-13 Jul 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends, In our college we got "VITUSA" as seventh company...cut off is 65 for power branches and 70 for non it branches....
    it directly means dat dey r not interested in non it studs...
    tot attended------66
    written qualified------16
    technical interview qualified----12
    h.r interview--------------10 luckily i am 1 among them

    written will b 2 n haif hour u should play a very long innings
    3)attension 2 details
    4)c and data structures
    5)essay digestion

    der wil b individual cut off as well as total cutt of...two criteria should b fulfilled else u r out of race...i think tot cut of is 60/120.

    if u r eng medium studs no need 2 prepare 4 verbal its easy.....
    quanti r.s. aggarwal is enough
    articles,prepositions,identifying correct sentence n so so................
    0 for $ n 1 for * questions n sorry i dont remember all....

    4 attension 2 details never attempt + 4 - n * 4 / ques cause its time consuming better gor 4 easy ones...
    4coming to C u have to perfect in data structures....each question will 1 and half page...u have 2 get de correct output...
    5)essay wil b given n u need to remember key points n after taking question paper questions will b given........its "CPU PIPELINING" .its easy..

    Tech interview:
    for gods sake my panel is so cooperative n cool....he gave freedom to xpress wat i no..u cant clear tech interview if r not good at data structures cause dese people r sound in data structures...just keep cool tell confidently wat he asks. specially linked list programmes.....

    1.void *ptr?aked 2 xplain dis
    2.factorial wit recursive functions..
    3.linked list logics...circular toooo
    4.i said my area interest is "communications" and asked 2 xplain pcm,am,pm,angle m etc..
    Once u clear tech interview u r 90% in  in "virtusa"

    HR inter:
    just stay cool n b confident .
    just te4ll me about urself..hobbies dats it.........
    after de results announced i am de 3rd person to b selected..thumping in air with happiness is wat i done....

    one thing my friends in my seventh attempt i got success so never keep stop trying....if u do so u hav 2 pay urself no 1 gonna help u try n try until u succeed.......
    ok guys all de best n c u in "VIRTUSA"


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