Virtusa  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vignan College Of Engg, Hyderabad-28 Jun 2007

Virtusa  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vignan College Of Engg, Hyderabad-28 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I am rakesh kumar from PRRM engineering college, Hyderabad . i had attended the test at VIGNAN college of engineering , Hyderabad


    Total attempted students=864

    Students cleared written test=81

    Students cleared tech interview=65  

    Final selected students are=46

    With god grace I was one of the 46


    It consists of 3 rounds

    1)      written test
    2)      tech interview
    3)      HR interview.

    There is no GD


    Written test consists of 5 sections

    1)      Analytical ability-20m,30min

    2)      Verbal ability.30m,20min

    3)      Attention to detail-20m,20min

    4)      Technical-40m 30min

    5)      Reading ability.-10m 20min


    1st section is verbal ability it consists of

    1)      rc 5m

    2)      articles 10m

    3)      select appropriate meaning 5m

    4)      some stuff like find out errors 10m


    Articles are very simple like names of large cities followes by in & villages by at    just based on this he asked 4 questions other also very simple  We can get synonyms by context I think no need to prepare for that. Errors also easy this paper is made by MERIT TRAC so you can prepare questions from IBM also


    2nd analytical ability is some what tough it has a cube prob

    der r 3 cubes are placed horizontally and cutted into 64 (each cube) & den 1st one line (4*4)row of second & 1st 2 rows of 3rd cube r removed & painted black all sides now que are

    1)      how many cubes r only 1 side painted

    2)      how many cubes r 2 sides painted

    3)      how many cubes r 3 sides painted

    4)      how many cubes r no side painted


    and 2 probs on time & distance 1 started with a speed 20kmph &den 2 started after 30 min 1  when started with a speed of 25kmph and 3 started after how many min wit a speed 40kmph to reach all 3 at same time?

    Some thing like that bt easy


    Attehtion to detail  this is very easy section & que on decision making r some twisted be prepared from R S aggarwal?s VERBAL reasoning. Der r some que based on binary numbers 5 prob r given $=1,*=0 then what is value of $$***$$/**$*$$$$ like this


    Technical this is hardest in all sections we hav to do 40 q in 30 min & der r 10 progarammes each of 1 ½  page length don?t do them first be prepare from DS especially from linkedlist&trees most of d q r based on that

    READING ability they given a 2  ½  page material on pipelining of  microprocessors is given followed by simple q s
    They said there is sectional cutoff but I hav seen my answer paper & I got 76 out of 120  n der is nothing abt sutoff marks on dat sheet


    TECHNICL interview

    Sir: rakesh cum sit down

    Me: thankyou sir good evening

    Sir :ok rakesh tell me abt ur education from 10th class

    Me:sir I hjav completed my 10th from Z.P high school with 76.8%&inter with 77.1%&purduing finsl yesr with 74.83%

    Sir-u r from which branch

    Me-eee sir

    Sir-what r the subjects u hav upto in ur b tech


    Sir-wat is ur fav sub

    Me-power systems sir

    Sir ?ok I think power systems is big sub sub which parts it consists of

    Me-generstion ,transmission distribution

    Sir- how many types of generators r der

    Me-ac dc

    Sir-wat is diff

    Me-output & some que s based on our basics and csme for C

    sir-do u know linkedlist




    sir-do u kno structures

    me ?yes

    sir-wat is diff bw structure n an array

    me-1 is collection of similar datatypes n other is diff datatypes

    sir-what is ude of structure


    sir-do u kno pointers

    me-yes sir

    sir-wat is pass by ref n pass by value

    me told

    sir-wat abt increment n decree operatore


    sir-write 1 programme i/p is ?HOW SIMPLE C PROGRAMMING IS? u hav to calculate how many spaces r der

    me-tried bt not came

    sir- ok leave it

    sir do this one i/p is values of resistors n they r connected in parallel or in series the o/p is equilent resistance

    me-this time done it perfectly

    sir ok rakesh u can leave I will give repopt on ur performance to hr he will tell u if u r selected r not



    after 5 min hr came & told wait for HR

    hr-rakesh sitdown

    me-thankyou mam

    she-tell me where u r studied ur intermediate (by seeing my resume)


    she-how is ur experience upto now

    me-its good mam

    she-hav u attended any other comp before

    me-yes mam I attended IBM cleared written bt not JAM mam

    she-wat topic they given

    me-primary education is more imp than higher edu

    she-y u r not clered

    me-he asked to tank abt 3 min mam bt I talked for 1 min

    she-ok now tell me for 3 min

    me ? I expected dis que bt talked only abt 2 min n said that?s it mam

    she-u got only 70s u not tried for 80s

    me-still trying mam

    she-how much %age u want get wen ur B.tECH completes

    me-77 mam

    she-77 why

    me ?mam I got 77 in my 10th n 12th so I want toget77 in this too

    she-y u r taken EEE

    me ?for my rank it was the good branch in my college

    she- k ny thing want to know from me

    me-mam tell me the reason if I was rejected

    ahe-hey y u r thinking u r not selected u r seledted man

    me-thankyou verymuch mam


    after ½ hour they anounsed results I was there in the list

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