Virtusa  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pydha Engg College, Vizag-11 Jun 2007

Virtusa  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pydha Engg College, Vizag-11 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends , This is swathi(EEE), i attended virtusa at pydha engg college june 11 n 12 2007, off camp.....750 appeared 4 wriiten, 103 got through written , 82 made ther way throug gd, 30 got through written n finally 29 were selected.

    The written paper was good , for apt RS AGARWAL is enough , but the tech paper was a little bit tough.... , since there is no negative marking i suggest u people to attempt all questions.

    after written, on that very day v were asked to go 4 gd, IN GD GIVEN ANY TOPIC UNDER THE SUN WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS U JUST HAVE TO SPEAK EVEN TWO LINES, believe me thats enough, only two panels were there , each group with 8 , and in our batch all the 8 were selected, bcoz v followed the rules of gd gave others chance to speak thats it

    PLASE..... OPEN UR MOUTH IN GD THATS ENOUGH. results were announced within half an hour, and i was throug gd
    next day v had tech int, a tough one , IT WAS A TECH INT , u have to b good at basics , the asked almost all the sub 4m ist  yr onwards, u need not give apt answers, they just check out wheter u have basics regarding ur subject or not, my tech int was 4 abt an hour, i got through it.

    Next was HR , the hr people are really cool , u just need to b confident thats it,
    HR INT:
    how was the day?
    how many appeare 4 witten?
    wht r the cmpny u r goint to have as on?
    what no: do they select 4m ur cmpny?
    puzzle like: 
    1=5, 2=25, 3=125,4=625, then 5=?
    ans: 1

    and some general ques like that, I was ver confident , the results were announce and i was the one in 3 who were not selected, i think may b bcoz i was 4m eee.............. it was my 3rd cmpny, i m still in a job hunt, luck plays a major role but than u should put ur the best efforts.

    hope u all are blessed with gud cmpny , like virtusa. plz pray 4 me.
    ALL THE VERY............. BEST

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