Virtusa  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -24 Oct 2003

Virtusa  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -24 Oct 2003

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Virtusa Technologies-Exam Conducted at Hyderabad

      There were 3 sections:(In which they tested 4 skills)
      Analytical&Logical skills 
      Programming skills
     writing skills

    All the 4 skill tests are fully brain teasers. The duration of the test was 2hours,and the L&A Reasoning has a minimum cutoff u should clear that to evaluate ur other sections.The questions are as follows (These are not in serial order and the information may not be accurate, when specified)

    SECTION 1 (Analytical and Logical)


    1. 1 2 3 2 5 6 7 8 3 find the next term in the series

    2. How can u place 4 coins in 2 lines so that each line should contain 3 coins   Ans:I wrote, i it maynot be possible

    3.  Find the odd word
      Ans:I think it is Delta, Reason: as it has specific meaning(addition)and others don't have such meaning,just used for  representation purpose.(i think so)

    4. There was an addition given as follows SATURN + URANUS = PLANETS   the solution is not encoding the entire problem but to find coding for 3 alphabets   Ans:Key Steps:

    5. There was a set of words given as follows SUN,MER,VEN,---,...........,SAT,---,NEP,PL (I don't remember exactly but, all are the names of planets in solar system with notation of each planet using 3 letters) The question was to find out the appropriate words in the given blanks

    6. How can u get 81 using the digits 2,3,25,50,75,100 only once using any of the arithmatic operator Key Steps: 50+(100/75*3)+25+2

    7. (This is a real sitter, takes a long time) A man have some three types boxes viz  Huge,Large,Small He took 11 of huge   boxes and put on a table.And at  random he has  taken some of them and placed 8 large boxes in each of the  boxes.And after that he has placed 8 small boxes in some large boxes at random.By the end if he found  102  boxes empty, how many boxes are there on the table?

    8. If u have a large number of Knights and a chess board.The problem is to find the way of arranging the Knights on the board so that no Knight attacks the  other. (He has given  mathematical relations that represents how a knight can move on the chess board as we  know it  as 'L', i'm not giving such stuff)

    9. You are given a bunch of threads each having differing length.No two thereads have  same thickness and no thread has same thickness all its length. But it is certified that  any thread when lit burns itself in exactly 12 mins. The question is you are asked to find an elapsed time of 9 minuites.How can u find it out and how manythreads do u want for  this?

              SECTION 2 (Writing)

    10. The topic to Write was on "Connecting the rivers in   India".

      You can write the programs in this section using any  programing language 

    11. There was a pyramid given as follows
                       2 3 
                     4 5 6 
                   7 8 9 10
                  11 12 13 ...
          The three dots are given as a part of the specification. The above pyramid is to be printed  when input number 13 is given. Write a program to print the above pyramid.

    12. Write a function which returns a substring in the string 'Sigma' (character given)which starts wit 'Alpha' and ends with 'Thita'

    13. You have a job in which you have to take time stamps and store them.  So Write a datastructure that can minimize the  storage requirements of Year,Month,Date,Hour,Minuite.

    14. Write a program to find the four digited numbers, which are perfect squares, and all the  digits in that number are even. (i think there is another program given which i don't   remember)

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