Check Out The Freedom School - Villanova University - 2008 Villanova University

Villanova University will host its annual Freedom School in observance of the memory and legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom School sessions may cover a variety of topics such as: immigration the possibilities and challenges of globalization the rule of law and respect for human rights affirmative action education and social justice peacebuilding and peacemaking nonviolence and nonviolent social change sins of racism and white supremacy

the freedom school - villanova university - 2008 villanova university

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school violence and race - allison payne 93 10 Sep, 2011
racism and the american indian - dr. barbara wall 92 10 Sep, 2011
the great irish famine in history & memory - dr. james murphy 82 10 Sep, 2011
the mystical body of business: why corporations have the rights of persons, - dr. eugene mccarraher 78 10 Sep, 2011

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