Check Out Mendel In The 21st Century Villanova University

This two day interdisciplinary academic symposium, was held on Villanova's campus from Sunday, Sept. 21, to Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008. The University is hosting the symposium as part of its campus-wide celebration to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the awarding of the Mendel Medal. As an Augustinian institution of higher education, Villanova is one of the custodians of the Mendel legacy. As an Augustinian priest trained in mathematics, physics, and biology, Mendel is an icon of interdisciplinarity. Accordingly, this symposium will include a series of engaging speakers in fields ranging from molecular genetics, genomics, biotechnology and evolutionary biology to history and philosophy of science, psychology, ethics, medicine, and law. Speakers will discuss the impact of 21st century genetics in our society from the perspective of their respective disciplines.

mendel in the 21st century villanova university

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