Check Out English 115F: Worlds Of Wordcraft Video Lectures

This semester we launched a pilot project, Worlds of Wordcraft: Digital Narrative and Virtual Reality (, a First Year Writing Seminar at Vanderbilt University. The mission of this class is similar to that of courses taught at nearly all post-secondary educational institutions: to teach students to think critically and write effectively beyond the basic composition level. Our seminar focuses on how stories change as they cross from one media to another, from books to films to online games. The course is taught by Matthew Hall, head of Vanderbilt's IT department, Professor of English Jay Clayton.

english 115f: worlds of wordcraft video lectures

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narrative forms in the digital classroom 54 10 Sep, 2011
chronology of influences on gaming 75 10 Sep, 2011
chronology of influences on gaming: part 2 49 10 Sep, 2011
google documents sign up 43 10 Sep, 2011

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