Vicente Fox's 2009 Emory Commencement Address

Vicente Fox's 2009 Emory Commencement Address


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada, awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, urged graduates to practice compassionate leadership during Emory's Commencement ceremony on May 11, 2009. Emory enjoys several partnerships with the diplomat and business leader. Fox established Centro Fox in 2007, the first presidential library and museum to be established in Mexico, and its activities include a center for the advancement of democracy modeled loosely after the work of The Carter Center in Atlanta. Current collaborations between Emory and Centro Fox include a jointly organized research conference on migration to be held this year, an expansion of the Global Health Institutes field partner sites in the San Cristobal area of Mexico, and academic exchanges between students and faculty from Emory and partner institutions of Centro Fox. For more on Emory's Commencement, visit

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