Verizon  Selection Procedure

Verizon  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Selection Procedure of Verizon


    The written Test  consists of 4 sections.


    1) Verbal (20 questions 15 minutes)

    2) Analytical (20questions 30 minutes)

    3) Mental Ability (25 questions 30 minutes)

    4) Technical(10 questions 15 minutes)

    Time Duration: 90 Minute

    No of questions :75

    They will give us one answer sheet. But after every section they will collect the question paper back
    There may/may not be negative marking

    No sectional cut-off

    a)Verbal ability (20 questions-15 minutes):
       In this we will be given fill in the blanks we need to answer them with the correct articles (Be prepared with articles,prepositions and These blanks are for 10 marks.)

    Next is we have 2 passages one is on Embedded Systems and the other is a general one(You can answer one passage very easily and the other one is little time-taking).So be fast with the fill in the blanks and answer both the passages quickly.

    b) 20 questions-20 minutes:
       In this we have few assertion and reasoning type questions, few problems on cubes

    c) 25 questions-30 minutes:
        This is very easy section problems on Venn diagrams, If * stands for J stands for +, + stands for / and stands for then which of the following is true-this kind of prbs,A if ALL THREE items given in the question are exactly ALIKE. B if only the FIRST and SECOND item are exactly ALIKE. C if only the FIRST and THIRD item are exactly ALIKE. D if only the SECOND and THIRD item are exactly ALIKE. E if ALL THREE items are DIFFERENT

    d)10 questions-15 minutes:
        CSE and IT people can answer this section very easily. We were given some codes and asked to find out which one is correct ,programs on data structures (stack, queues, binarytree, inorder, postorder,preorder etc.)

    Next comes the technical interview -in this Iam asked few programming logics,few basics on C as well as core part,puzzles,situation reaction questions etc.this went on for about 45 minutes for me.

    Next is HR interview and he is very cool asked some questions on family , interests project etc etc and finally got into Verizon.Guys im very happy and the only suggestion from me is prepare all the previous papers in freshersworld and solve all the papers and be thorough some basic questions from R.S.Agarwal-verbal and non-verbal reasoning .Be cool and practise practise practise thats the only thing which matters.Thank you.


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