Vedanta  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   National Institute Of Technology, Patna.-21 Jan 2010

Vedanta  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   National Institute Of Technology, Patna.-21 Jan 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012



    22nd Jan. ?10,

    NIT Patna.

      I am Deepak M. Mathew, 8th sem Electronics student from NIT Patna, got placed in Vedanta Resources through campus recruitment. I ?d like to share my experience with you.

      Eligibility Criteria:     Above 60% (10th,12th & B.Tech)

                                 No history of backlogs                                      

                                 Max. gap of 1yr. b.e.w 12th & B.Tech. 

                                 No gap b.w 10th and 12th

                                 Age limit: 24 yrs.

                                 Candidate should ?ve followed 10+2+4 year pattern.

    Procedure: Written test (35 apti qns. in 45 mts.),

                            G.D (not necessary and not an elimination round even if present),

                            Interview .  

        1.        Data Interprtation-  5 qns. based on a bar graph showing  the income & expenditure of 5     companies) ? Ref. R.S  Agarwaal,  Quantitative Aptitude.  

        2.        Puzzles(5 qns. based on seating arrangement.

                 Another 5 qns:(Ref. Classification type puzzles of ?R.S Agarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning.?)  

            3.    Ven diagrams -1 Qn. 

            4.    data sufficiency-2 qns.

            5.    Syllogism-1 qn.

            6.    Coding & Decoding-1qn. Ref. Number/symbol coding , ?R.S Agarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning.?  

    The remaining qns. were simple quantitative aptitude qns. Few qns.  tht I remember are:  

    1.   Find the wrong no. In the series: 19, 26,33,46,59,74,91.

    2.   A person 1st walks 85meter towards North, then turn left and walks 25m, again turn left and walks 90m. Then he turns 120 degree right. Wht is his final dirn.? a. NE  b.NW  c. ES  d.SW

    3.   12 persons in a get together. Each person does handshake with each other. Find the no. of hand        shakes?  Ans.66

    4.   If the side of a square is increased by 15%, wht ?ll be the increase in its area?

    5.  xy=120, x^2+y^2=289, Find xy?  Ans.23

    6.  Sum of 3 consecutive odd nos. is 57. Find the middle one ?   Ans:19

    7. The ratio of the father?s age to his son?s age is 7:3. The product of their ages is 756.The ratio of their ages after 6 yrs. Will be?             Ans-2:1

    8.  3 people can do a work in 6 days. After 2 days of work 3 other joined with them. Hw many days it ?ll take to finish the remaining work?

    9.   ?A? invested a capital of 35000 for 8 yrs. ?B? invested 42,000 for 10 yrs. If the total profit is 30,000, find the share of ?A? ?

    10.   out of 10 players a team of ?5? and a captain has to be selected . In hw many ways it is possible?

    11.   A shop keeper sells a t-shirt of Rs.275 with 5% discount. His profit is 10%. Wht is the actual cost of the shirt?

    12.   A qn. related to trains (Time & distance).

      Out of 30, 17 students cleared the written.

    Please ref. the previous placement papers of the same year since a lot of qns. are repeated or are of the same pattern.

    The G.D round was not conducted in our college.  

    Personal Interview:

    For electronics students the interview was mainly HR. Some questions about the project were asked.

    But for other branches some technical qns. were also asked.  

    1. You are from electronics. Why do u want to join power sector?

    2. You may get placed in Korba. Will u ready to work there? ( I was basically frm Kerala, thts why they asked so).

    3. They also asked the the name of the states in which some of their industries r there( for eg. Udaipur in Rajasthan, korba in Chattisgarh etc.), so listen the pre placement talk carefully.  

    The most important thing is that u must be very confident during the interview.

      Out of 17, 11 students (4 frm our branch) got selected and I was one among them.

     ......................                  WISH YOU ALL THE BEST..........

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