Vedanta  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT Kurukshetra-25 Jul 2007

Vedanta  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT Kurukshetra-25 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    The selection procedure is very easy .Screenining of students are take place in four steps
    1. very tough eligiblity creteria
    2.written test(totally apptitude)
    3.G.D(very very small chance) 
    4.Interview(technical+hr both at a same time)

    Eligiblity creteria is u donot have more than one yr drop.there should be no backlog  in whole semesterand u must have adegree of more than 60%
    written test will be very easy and u can easily score more than 90% marks,so don,t worry
    in our college they didn,t took G.D 

    my interview was very funny
    now these are the question they asked me
    1 tell me about urself
    2 why i want to join vedanta ?
    as i was from coal mines area so i gave this reason to get inspiration for joining mining company
    3 how much hour can  u work  in a day  (this question doesn,t matter so much)
    ans i simply told 14-16 hour
    4. can u really work 14-16 hour in a day
    ans i simply answered yes sir/madam but ther should be some allowance between this .......
    5 would u like to go zambia
    ans i simply told why not i don,t have any problem with places
    6 tell about the type of casting processes
    7 types of casting defects
    afterf my answerthey asked
    8 what do u mean by blow holes
    9 is this possible to cast steel
    10 what is the difference between steel and cast iron
    ans i answered this in reference of iron-carbide dai gram as ihave good command in material science
    11 what could be the max % of carbon in iron..........ans 6.7
    12.then they asked about the critical temperature in iron-carbide diagram
    13  then they asked about my summer project
    14some question from fluiod mechanics(not from me but from other students)
    15 what is the zeroth law of thermodynamics
    16 modes of conduction of heatand there explaination
     these are the question they asked from me..............

    the questions they asked from other students of mecahnical
    1 basics of 2and4-stroke engines and the difference bet them
    2 about knocking
    3 difference betwen type of  pumps
    4 types of turbine with referance to head and dischargelike which turbine has max discharge etc
    5newton law of viscosity
    6 properties of material like toughness ,ductility,hardnessetc
    7 about testing of material like tensile test,compressive test ,impact strength test.and the setup on which they are performed in brief
    8 about non destructive testing
    interview will be very cool but u must have some basic concepts of FLUID MECHANICS,IC ENGINE,PRODUCTION PROCESSES, THERMAL ENGG



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