Vedanta  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-6 Aug 2007

Vedanta  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-6 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Dear Friends,
    Normally when we go through placement paper website we seldom come across papers of Tech/Core companies. But we have made a humble beginning???Anyways, VEDANTA came to our college on the 6th of August. In the mail that was sent to our college it was mentioned that VEDANTA requires 785 GET. So friends the requirement at VEDANTA is Huge??.So they are recruiting in Large numbers from the colleges they are visiting.

    Eligible Branches : Metallurgy, Chemical ,Mechanical, Electrical

    Eligibility Criteria : 60%  and above throughout in Secondary, +2 and in all semesters (till date); No backlogs; Vision max -4 D ; Maximum 1 year drop after +2 b4 u join college ;

    One important thing about VEDANTA is that they are very strict about their Eligibility Criteria. They are not relaxing the criteria whatsoever.

    The Selection Procedure followed in our college was

    1. Written
    2. Interview ( Tech & H. R )

    NO G D was conducted in our college

    The written exam was a set of 35 easy simple questions to be completed in 50 mins .You need not be an expert to solve these questions. Only 2 questions came from Verbal Ability. It was a simple analogy. Another was a word meaning. There was a set of 6  puzzle problems where one has to identify A,B,C,D,E,F. Relevant informations were given.

    The APTI part was simple Class 10 questions involving simple SPEED-TIME-DISTANCE problems (4questions on train crossing each other) , few  numerical sequential problems, simple Profit-Loss-Discount problems ( 3-4), there was set of 5-6 graphical interparatation problem ( between Demand and Supply of 3 companies),  Few Age problems, problems on simple Probability, Percentage problems?

    This is all that I can recall at present but I can assure you that all the questions were very easy and less time consuming.

    The interview was  very simple. Hardly any tech questions were asked.. Almost all the guys who sat for the interview were selected. Out of the 35 students who were eligible to sit only 13 qualified for the written out of which 12 were finally selected.

    So guys GO FOR IT??????CHAKDE VEDANTA!!!!!!!

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