Vedanta  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jabalpur Engg College-12 Mar 2010

Vedanta  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Jabalpur Engg College-12 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    well hello frnds
    hi  i m a student of Jabalpur engg College from Mechanical stream
    Vedanta visited our college on 13 march 2010
    so lets have some details about its written test
    well its written comprises of Aptitude + General English
    refer Rs agarwal for  both eng s well apti
    apti comprises of
    * 2 ques - on probability
       2-3 on number system
     time n work, percentage, profit n loss, time speed n trains
    for bargraph refer some more std book because it was a bit difficult
    in Eng there was reasoning , 3 ques on syllogisms , LR , series ques

    paper was okk bt time management is very very important
    infact from my experience i would like to say it was a lengthy paper
    35 ques in 45 min

    i cracked the written n then went for PI- HR round
     interview started with
    why u opted mechanical
    for mech engg girls its a common ques
    * tell about yourself
    next they asked to draw Fe-C diagram
    * what are alloy steels
    give names of some alloya and their properties
    * what are various types of fans
    their application
    RAC cycle
    rankine cycle
    what is critical point
    name a joining process
     i said Welding
    what does welding machine works like
    well ans to it is
    how arc is maintained
    my Hr comprises'
    why have you where white colour suit
    have u ever visited to some interior palce
    * next they asked if we are going to give you morning 6 am shift will it be okk
    like that 2-3 ques on vocational training
    it was around 20 min interview

     i got Selected

    good luck to others

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