Check Out Technology In The Field: Vassar College And Tablet PCs Vassar College

This documentary, "Technology in the Field: Vassar College and Tablet PCs," is a student production made possible by a 2008 Hewlett Packard Philanthropy and Education grant, directed by Meg Stewart, Academic Computing Consultant for GIS. The videographers were Brian Paccione '09 and Brittany Kaplan '09; the editor was Brittany Kaplan; and the music was by Frances Chang '11.

technology in the field: vassar college and tablet pcs vassar college

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introduction to tablet pcs in field-based classes at vassar college 59 10 Sep, 2011
geomorphology: mapping meandering streams with tablet pcs 73 10 Sep, 2011
field archaeology: mapping ancient cultures with tablet pcs 71 10 Sep, 2011
ecology: mapping invasive species with tablet pcs 77 10 Sep, 2011

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