US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GCT, COIMBATORE -21 Jun 2006

US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   GCT, COIMBATORE -21 Jun 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012





    Here we provided US technologies pattern, it is conducted in GCT, Coimbatore .

    Selection process having basically 3 steps:

    1. screening for 65%, they will provide seat number and serial number
    2. aptitude test include(total duration of exam is - 90 Min)
      1. Quantitative -40questions
      2. Comprehension passages(3) -40 questions
      3. Correction of sentences -10 questions

          3. direct interview for whose got high mark in written test( depends upon qualified members)                                   or

    Group discussion and who short listed from them going to interview..

    (note:interview means technical and HR ? i e only one interview.)

     In quantitative the following question models are came .. exact questions not remember but models are same.some numerical numbers may be change?


    1.problems on profit and loss ? little bit tough.. example

         One man sold 2 chairs at some price is 20% loss and another 20% profit. .how much percentage loss or gain overall he obtained?

    About this 4 questions..


    2 a:b=2:3, b:c=5:7, then total amount 7500.. what is c?s ratio?


    3.volume  and area of solid figures questions are 2

           Prism lateral surface area and height are given and then find perimeter of the base..?

            Cone height and radius are given find out of slant height  ?.like that?


    4.the cistern is filled in 12 hours when two pipes are made to function simultaneously . if one pipe fills the cistern 10 hours faster than the other, the secone pipe fills cistern in:

  pipe will fill in 10 hrs, another pipe fill in 12 hr.. then another pipe empties in 8 hrs.  then in one tank both pipes are open?if after after 5 hrs watches, the empty pipe is also

       Forgetted to close before. So he closes now.. then how  much total time taken to fill up?


    6. about pipes 3 to 4 questions are given..

    7. 4 children , 6men ,5 women do one work in 14 days. Then 3 children, 5 men,4 women do in 12 days. Then  how many women are required for completion?


    8. one can do some work in 40 days and another is 60% efficient than first one. Then the no, of days to complete for second person?


    9 . a man can row 4.5km/hr. in still water. And he finds that it takes him twice as long to row up to row down the river. Find the rate of stream?(answer is 1.5 km/hr)


    10.regarding boats 2 more questions?.

    11.problems on ages give 3 to 4 questions.

         Father is 3 times sonA.. after 10 years twice his sonB. 10 years before 5 timesA.. then age difference berween A and B ?

        Some easy on ages?????????.

    12.some problem on milk and water  mixing..  what is percentage of milk in new percentage?

    13. some more 2 to 3 problems on above mixtures?

    14. one monkey is climbing in 4 steps up and then slips to 2 steps in each alternate seconds.. then total ht is 23 . in how many steps it will reach? problem on two trains coming opposite with some speeds..then what is avg speed.. is coming with sdouble speed,,, when they will meet?


     Like this almost all are from r.s aggarwal. Very easy but time consuming..

     Both sections having individual cut ?offs

    No negative marks..

      Then second section starts with 3 paragraphs?

    1)      passage related to sugar cane preparation , availability, importance other application?

    on above passage,

    1.      What 3 paragraph indicate?

    2.       What 8 paragraph indicate?

    3.      What word is suitable for ?    ??

    4.      Meaning of particular word indicates in that paragraph?

    5.       what is paragraph says..

    6.      what is draw back

    like these totally 16 questions?


    2)passge related job reqruitment , where is good, what is olden days methods, now days net importance, what qualities companies wanted???

                 1. what is 3 indicates?. Like this again

                  2.what is meaning of in 3 para, ?imply??

                 3. what is opposite of 4 th para  impression?

                  4. what recruit ments should job holders not have?

                   5. what should good for general according to you?

                   6. like these 16 question?..

    3)passage related some thing again? we correctly not remember?

               In this 8 questions only??.

     Next section follow some 10 questions on

    Correction of sentences, fill in prepositions,   formation of sentence?.like this..

    Note: out of 200 members for exam in our college they short listed 15 members direct interview and 36 members for G.D.

    Topics are some as,,, reservation in iits, combined family or nuclear family, dress code for college students, globalizations, brain train?. Like these?

    In interviews some may asking about technical and projects? some are puzzles? some are situation reactions?

    Some are

    1)      what you do if you are project leader and given 2 hours time to complete,, but it is highly impossible..

    2)       your boss asked to send in your team some ladies to their chamber in office work.. at that time you are project leader..

    3)      What is your method  to solve Indian povetry..

     Like these


     And also some basic questions on c must..

    Write programs

    1)      odd or even

    2)       biggest among 3

    3)      Array simple

    4)      Palindrome

    5)      What is function, call by value, call by reference

    Any questions for me?????.

     That?s allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

    Ok well prepare and some values above in quant may be wrong, but almost I tried our best presentation.

    Ok all the best?. Bye  from

    Nagaraju? M.E. GCT( power electronics)??????

        Inform me regarding companies in your college? messages me? ok bye .


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