US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bulliah College, Visakhapatnam-26 Oct 2006

US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bulliah College, Visakhapatnam-26 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hi friends,

    us technology conducted campus selections in visakhapatnam on 26 0ct 2006. students from about 15 colleges attended to it. and the number of students is nearly 3000. the selection procedure is in following way.
    they conducted the selections for three days.
    first 2 days was written test and GD for which total no. of students were separated in to 4 groups with 2 groups having test and GD on one day at different timings. minme was the group4. so we attended on second day. the rounds in this selection procedure are

    THE SELECTION WAS VERY EASY.  through out the process, students were not eliminated but were selected. they selected as many no. of students as possible in each round. The only difficult one can feel is the written test.

    in written test  80 questions and 90 mins.
    out of which 30 r aptitude, which r very easy. 50 r verbal I felt them difficult. there r 4 loooong passages.
    1/3rd of total attended were selectd in written test. for my luck I am one of them.
    on the same day GD was conducted. it was very easy. time given is very small (5mins.),   those who initiates has chances to be selected. in my group I initiated. and we should have minimum speaking skills. in my group 2 were selected because only we 2 opened our mouths. there is a chance to select even all in group if one opens his mouth. I was selected in GD also. OUR TOPICS R  "blue Vs red", should ciggarette smoking banned in public places etc. the topics are very easy.
    next day is the interview for selected students in all 4 groups. interview is very easy for NON IT STUDENTS. they are asking technical for cse and IT students and only hr for others. I was asked to tell about my self which is not there in resume. students HAVING GOOD B.TECH  % WILL HAVE AN ADVANTAGE IN SELECTING  IN INTERVIEW. I was one of the students selected.

    Suredranath Reddi


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