US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BIT,Meerut-7 Feb 2008

US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BIT,Meerut-7 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I'm ARUN KUMAR from BIT(Bharat Institute Of Technology),Meerut..First of all i would like to thanks my parents, teachers and my friends(Ashish,Ankit,Anurag,Arjit,Akshay,Anuj,Bharat n Gurleen) to support me n keep my moral high at each and every stage.
    The selection procedure was divided into 3 parts:-
    1. Written test
    2. Group discussion cum case study.
    3. Personal Interview (HR+Technical).

    On the first day i.e. 7th we were called for the written  test. It comprises of 5 sections:-
    A total of around 60 questions were there,to be solved within 60 min.. A sectinal cut-off of 5 in each section, no negative marking for wrong answer.So try to attempt all questions.
    Questions on series problem, figure analysis,Cubes,dices,No. of squares and Triangles,odd man out,what comes next. The 5th section was of maths topics were speed and work, clocks, direction,profit and loss,percentage etc.                                                
    While we were solving this paper, one more paper containing 15 questions is given to us and additional 10 minutes to solve this paper, the cut-off of this paper was 10.
    Quite easy paper consists of questions like swapping and key dictionary problem only, so need to worry about the high cut-off of this section. Dunt waste ur time in reading instructions of this section just go through the example provided.
    A good practise of R.S.Aggarwal Qunatitative and verbal n non-verbal is sufficient.

    Next day we were called for the result of written i.e 8th feb. Before declaring the result the PPT was held. Out of around 700 students 232 cleared the writen and i was one of them.

    Just after the declaration of the results the GD started. A total of 8 students in each group, 15 min duration,1 min. to think over it.
    Topic like:-
    What will u do to improve the relationships among India and Pakistan. (My topic)
    Orkut: A boon or ban.
    Case Study:-
    Which is most important: Pen, Table, Chair, Mobile.
    You are lost in a jungle, with these things>Give them the priority: Water Bottle, bread, Compass, Knief, Map, Matchbox.
    To whom you will give Bharat Ratna: APJ Abdul kalam, Sonia Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi.

    I was the inititator n took entry around 7-8 times. Listen other people also, n prepare your script n give others also the chance to speak.
    Out of 232 students only 90 cleared for the final Interview. So beware, as its an elimination round.

    As it was too late that day, so we were called for the interview on next day.

    We came back again on 9th Feb.I was despirately waiting for this moment.US TECH people are quite friendly n provide a very cool atmosphere. I was litlle tensed while watitng outside the Interview Room. Then my name was called.
    My interview was as follows:-
    Me: May i please come in Sir?
    Int: Come in.
    Me: Goodafternoon Sir(with a pleasent smile, standing near the table).
    Int: Goodafternoon Arun(he was holding the form, that we filled during written. So he was aware of my name, He was           also standing near
    his seat. We had a Shake hand). You r wearing a nice tie Mr. Arun
    Me: Thank you sir(I made my impression there).
    Int: Please have a seat.
    Me: Thank you sir.
    Int: So Mr. Arun, how was your day?
    Me: Sir,It was good. I was despirately waiting for this moment.
    Int: But it may be quite waiting also. So what about Yesterday?
    Me: Sir, yesterday was quite one of the best day in my life. I cleared the written and the GD, so i was really very happy.
    Int: So, tell me what you did from last night to morning?
    Me: Sir, i took a sound sleep in the night as it was too late by time i reached home, i even informed my parents that i                cleared the written
    n GD, so they were also very happy. And then in the morning i prayed to god and i came here.
    Int: Ok(With a little laugh).So what are your favourite subjetcs?
    Me: Sir, Software Engg. and Automata.
    Int: Which is your area of intrest in s/w engg, is it Designing, coding, testing or implementation?
    Me: Sir, i give equal importance to each and every field(trying to show that i can work in every field), but i loke testing            most(as it was my strongest field, n fully prepared about this).
    Int: Ok, now tell me the characteristics of a good s/w design.
    Me: Told along with one point of Coulping and Cohesion.
    Int: You have just mentioned the two terms ie. coupling and cohesion. What are they?
    Me: Told.
    Int: (He drwan 2 modules on a A4 sheet paer. and aksed me) Which kind of coulping and cohesion these two modules         have?
    Me: Told.
    Int: (Again drawn 2 modules) and what kind they have?
    Me: Told.
    Int: What kind of cuopling and Chohesion does Java and C++ follows?
    Me: Sorry Sir, i dunt know (With full confident).
    Int: Make a wild guess.
    Me: Explained on he properties based on polymorphism and inheritance.
    Int: I please advice u to read more (Trying to pull down my confidence).
    Me: Definitely i'll Sir.
    Int: Have u been to south till now?
    Me: Sir, my father is an officer in Air force. He's having a transferrable job. I've been with him around the whole North india. I know how to communicate and interact with peeople from different casts, crreds and religions. I know how          to co-op and manage with them, to give respect to their traditions, ethics, and morals (Trying to show that i can work ability).I've never gone to south till now, but i've to Andman Nicobar islands once, when i was quite young (with a  pleasant smile).
    Int: Arun, you have a nice smile (with a laugh burst).
    Me: Thank u Sir.
    Int: Do u want to ask me any Q?
    Me: Yes sir, recently there were 2 channels broken down in the Indian Ocean near the Egyptian Coast. So, the whole            internet network goes down in India also. I want to know that, what was the impact on US TECH n what did the            US TECH. has planned to avoide suck kind of problem in future?
    Int: Explained (but i was not listening at all, as i was preparing the next q in my mind, if he giv me the oppurtunity to ask:-)).
    Me: Ok. Thank u Sir.
    Int: Ok, Mr. Arun. Thank you. And all the best.
    Me: Thank you very much Sir, (With a firm hand shake with smile and full confidence).

    and left room.
    After 3 hrs, the results were declared and i was one of them. From my college 9 got selected. 

    *    Be confident, dunt get panic at any point(like as the interviewer drilled me only on Cohesion and Coupling).
    *    Keep eating something(like snacks, toffee etc), n keep listening some legshacking hip-hop music.(As it helps a lot to       keep u calm).
    *    Follow the basic norms of GD, and try to be the initator or/and concluder.
    *    Dunt be over confident, and fall in any argument with people from the company.
    *    If you smoke, then please dunt smoke atleast around 30 min before entering in the interview/GD room, as it creates a       very bad impression.
    *    Dunt sttamer, while answering. Just be relax. bcoz most of the Hr person wanna make u feel comfortable and relax.
    *    If dunt get selected, please dont loose hope. As, everyone has something written in his destiny(As i was also get               rejected in Satyam
    and LnT).

    *    ALL THE VERY BEST and see u soon in US TECH. GLOBAL.

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