US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Jan 2006

US Technology  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Jan 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai friends,

    I am Praba, i have attended the test?. i ll give the details which i know

    1st - written test
    2nd - GD
    3rd - HR interview

    In written test ?-

    90 mins?. no negative marks
    30 qs in apti
    50 qs in verbal

    the test paper ll be very long.. u cannot complete the paper in 90 mins?
    the 30 apti qs ll be vry long qs.. some qs on train,percent, etc.. logical qs?
    series ll be there u try to complete 15 correct?.

    then in verbal?.

    u ll find long comperhensions? meanings?.. senstence correction?? etc? u ll not find time to completed this also?

    u do not read the comperhensions? they r very long? u try to answer meaning and other small q? qs with 2 or 3 line?..

    the meanings for words ll be from GRE books? words from letters v, x, m, r, etc.. u better see to all words..

    this cut off ll be enough for the clearing this round
    in GD?

    if u clear written then u r 90% placed?.

    in GD.. u should not shout? be normal.. try to express ur idea in a calm way?
    they just see ur place in a team.. how u adjust in a team? they ll not select if u
    fight in the GD?.
    Be Cool and u ll clear it?..
    8 in batch? out of that? 3 to 4 ll be selected?

    In interview

    this ll be very cool? the HRS r very cool persons? they just see ur confidence..
    tats it?. there ll be not technical qs? one r 2 many be there.. but ur
    confidence is the main point there?

    they need ppl with confidence??.

    the interview qs ll be
    about urself?
    all HR qs?
    some times very basic technical?
    qs from resume

    the main thing is.. u have to clear the written? other rounds r very cool?.

    if u do not know any answer just have a guess? try to answer 15 Q in apti and 25 q
    in verbal?
    do not leave any qs.. just make a guess? luck also plays its role?

    perpare well? concentrate and answer?

    all the very best

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