US Technology  Placement Paper   General - Other   UC College, ALUVA-9 Mar 2007

US Technology  Placement Paper   General - Other   UC College, ALUVA-9 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    The test pattern has been changed, there r 3 sections this time
    1) logical reasoning ques 20 nos(7 ques itself from pie-chart)
    2) 6 passages on english, some big and some short
    3) 40 to 60 aptitude questions, prepare bar-graph, coding-decoding, puzzles, seating arrangements, blood relations, logic, RS agarwals verbal & non verbal reasoning is enough

    Note dont try to get all questions correct in the exams, since there is cut-off for all 3 sections and leaving any section may lead u to failure.

    After test GD, during mine exam topics like, red is red, black and white, how to count coconuts in kerala, should womens day be celebrated, who will be next president, For mine its was "is the media leading the youth to right direction".  Note what ever u say, say it in a flow, in style, and in confidence. Cofidence is what they mainly looking 4, dont be nervous. If u do the test in an optimum effort, there r chances to be selected, since GD is the main round where actual talents needed by them r selected. Here out of 450, 100 were selected. Frm a grp of 8 , three , four or even six may be selected.

    Then interview will be mostly a  partial blend of HR and tech, they will ask for ur fav sub and then ques on it, prepare, c, c++, rdbms, data structures, those frm maths , physics & chem background will be asked questions studied at their graduation level
    I cleared the interview too, by the grace of god. Totally 45 got selected.

    Note they r looking for people with guts and confidence. So show ur confidence, prepare well and give a BIG HIT, ALL THE BEST.
    Saiyed Shibi

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