US Technology  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-6 Feb 2007

US Technology  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-6 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi This is Mohit Kaushik from ABES engineering college,Ghaziabad. Basically the selection procedure is very rigorous amongst the others.there were 3 rounds...

    1.Aptitude and Reasoning paper plus English section included.(378 out of 2280 got thru this round)
    2.GD (78 out of 378 got thru)
    3.Interview(Technical cum HR)(59 out of 78 got finally placed in US Technology)

    In written paper,there were 3 sections,sectional cutoff was there,18 qs frm aptitude,32 qs frm English(5 long passages) and 40 ques from reasoning. (Referred books:M.Tyra,Abhijeet guha and R.S. Aggarwal,GRE Barrons,6th edition or above,Wren n Martin for grammar)

    In GD topics...
    be prepared 4 abstract topics 4 ex...
    Stokholm Syndrome
    BLACK  OR WHITE(This was of mine). and others were

    general topics like
    Is MBA necessary or not!
    Should GD be a part of recruitment procedure
    Should software engg. be paid high?(Agree or disagree) and like,like......

    HR cum Technical:
    Some ques frm areas of interest,some puzzles' problems some aptitude questions,Decision making problems and general HR questions.

    Approach must be correct while solving puzzles,doesnt matter ur answer is correct or not
    Be original and Genuine there.
    Stick to your answers

    By the virtue of God,i got selected in my very first sincere effort.So, dont worry and remember that "Motivation means motive for action or a reason for action.Motivations can be deriver from many sources,and ONE GOOD SOURCE IS EXPERIENCE OF OTHER PEOPLE."

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