US Technology  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bharat Institute Of Technology , Meerut-5 Feb 2007

US Technology  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bharat Institute Of Technology , Meerut-5 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    5th,6th & 7th February 2007 , Bharat Institute of Technology , Meerut , (U.P.)

    the total recruitment procedure was divided into 3 sections...
    1 Written Test
    2 Group Discussion
    3 Personal Interview


    i had my written test on 5th feb.\ the test was of 1 hour...90 questions. it was divided into 3 sections.
    Analytical reasoning(18 Q),
    Quantitive aptitude(32 Q),
    Verbal.(40 Q)

    each section was having its individual cut-off and you need to clear the cut off of three sections to move in the next section thers no negative marking. the section which is toughest has the lowest cutoff. so better attempt all questions. and a prt of that section on your own. so you can take away the cutoff. manage your time so that  you can give equal time to all 3 sections. and attempt atleast 30-40% questions in each section on your own in each section.

    overall out of 200+ only 59 could make it to the next round.


    well i had the GD round after waiting for around 5-6 hours of written test. GD is simple. all you need to is just follow all the GD norms. the people at US TECH are real nice. they just tried to make a cool and friendly environment before GD so that all students feel comfortable.
    GD was around 8 minutes.
    we get the topic "Cinematic Dance Should be banned in college Campus" other batches also get some easy ones like "reservation", "big & small", "big & small company" all you need to show is your communication skills and how you represent your knowledge. they check your confidence level and leadership qualities. just speak 4-5 times and a valid point can take you to the next level.

    out of 59 only 25 were selected for the interview.


    the most awaited round. i had my interview next day on 6th feb. for all branches interview was technical. they just check your confidence level and if you can match company requirements.
    my interview was as follow....

    Int: give your brief introduction
    Me: well i described it using my best.. i used my academic percentage as my main weapon. took 2-3 mins
    Int: a simple puzzle...there r 2 friends who drinks at a place. one drinks fast and other takes it sipping. one person died after both had drink. investigation showed their drink was poisoned in equal amount. who & why?
    Me i said the one who drinks fast as the quantity of total poison at a particular instant in that persons body is higher than that of other.
    Int: i complicate this puzzle .now if the other person died what could be the reason?
    wel that was real mind twister...its like u r gng on a highway and then u have too go back to a other road which u have to go after taking a u-turn. u have to start think in in the opposite direction. i took 10-15 secs.. and my smile gave the time
    Me: well the other person could have ejected the drink and the drink would have been in the man who died body for a much    greater time.
    Int: (smiled) well these type of questions odnt have a particular perfect answer. they are their just to check how you can think.
    Int: what's your favorite subject
    Me: sir its computer organization and design and analysis of algorithms
    Int: ook. so what is an algorithm
    Me: i explained with an e.g
    Int: what do u mean by optimized algo
    Me: well sir i m nt sure but what i think it can be..
    Int: you think??
    Me: yes sir...i hvnt heard of it but what i think abt is this....i explained...and it was right as i saw smile on interviewers face
    Int: what's garbage collection
    Me: i explained. using memory blocks.. links ...and used terms like implicit control explicit control and told abt jre as garbage collector...(2-3 min for this answer)
    Int: what are the biggest challenge for an it professional when he enters into computer field
    Me: well sir there can be can be software piracy and other threat from virus worms (explained it bit)
    Int: well not this one...the immediate challenges
    Me: sir the very first challenge would be world to corporate environment...and after that each project from very small to big will b a project till i finish it to the satisfaction level of mine and my seniors level.
    Int: well good...i saw what we need to look. (he gave a sign that i should get up)
    Me: sir i have a question.. can i ask a q plzz
    Int: ya sure
    Me: us tech is seicmm5 level company what does it mean
    Int: well it means.....(standards)
    Me: sir i have another q .can i ask plzz
    Int: (smiling) ya go ahead
    Me: sir what all lang i nee d2 learn and what all platforms i need 2 work upon b4 i join us tech
    Int: (smile again) well i wish you were in ,but if i select you then ....(depends on flexibility of clients of us tech + training)
    Me: ok sit. thank you. good evening

    and i ended it all with a firm hand shake and a smile. the interviewer were very nice people...they eased all the tension and make the environment very friendly...

    the result came after 2 hours of interview.. and i was one of the lucky 12 of 25 selected in US TECH...

    Vasu Jain

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