US Technology  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 Jan 2006

US Technology  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -1 Jan 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    US tech guys were like lookin for people with excellent communication skills is what i could access. They had seperate cut off?s for verbal and logical and all those who were above the cutt off were send for GD.

    GD topics were like

    1.Fashion and Cinematic Dance, should they be banned incollege campus
    2. Mobile phone usage
    3. influence on Television
    4. kerala culture

    After GD, we were send for interview.
    For all those who had 75% it was HR and for the rest it was Tech.

    They asked about Linked List reversal using just two pointer
    Then they asked what kind of a loop was for(i=1;i>0;i++)
    Then they asked wether i was signed or unsigned
    how to represent signed numbers
    They asked about packed and unpacked numbers

    To some people they asked puzzles like three rooms with three lights, some kinda question like that

    Then asked me difference between C,C++
    2 or three questions on pointers

    To some they asked question on probability, like chance of getting a red ball from a bag containing 3 white, 2 red and 1 green balls, tossing coin problem and all

    Then they ask you what all programming languages you know and sometimes ask on you question 1 or 2 basic questions from that language. you can also say wether u r interested in networking or anything of such sort.
    I said C# and they asked some difference between C# and java, the garbage collector feature, stuff like that. So be careful with what you say ?You Know?.

    They dont look at the resume at all????????.

    In the interview we have to be the people who take the initiative to talk. Make the converstion go smoothly.

    Finally they ask you what you want to know about their company an that?s it


    I am not sure on how they criterize for GD, because people who i expected didnt make it through GD, i think you need to have luck in addition to a good tounge to get through US Tech GD

    Aptitude Test
    It is of 2 sections. It is pretty easy.
    They ask you question like there are 5 house, 1 green, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow and 1 white,
    Sam is a dentist.Ram lives net to blue house.Hari dosent like to see the white house.
    Engineer lives in Green House and some more sentences and we have to write who is in which house and what their occupation is.

    Then they ask you questions like a train is heading from one station to another and another train from another station to here what time to they meet and all.

    They got a pretty easy verbal section.

    Almost most of you all can have a cake walk at aptitude.

    Best Of Luck... Jairam Ramesh.

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