US Technology  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIT,Meerut-5 Feb 2007

US Technology  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIT,Meerut-5 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    U.S.Technologies is one of the most easy company to crack.

    The selection Procedure comprises of PPT, Aptitude, and Group Discussion & Final Interview.
    The PPT comprises of company introduction, company policies & companies Expectations. Listen to the PPT carefully. The process took around 2 days since the test started a bit late b?coz their Flight got Delayed.

    The aptitude and G.D. took place on 5 February while the Interview took place on 6 February. Finally the result was announced and I was the lucky one to get selected in the lucky 12 out of 200 students. APTITUDE: It is Really Difficult. It comprises of 90 Questions. Its IMPOSSIBLE to do all the question since the Time allotted is only 60 Minutes. Just try to do as much possible in 60 minutes. You can also take guess since there is no negative marking. The question comprises of 3 sections. Quant, comprehension & logical. BEWARE-There is sectional cutoff. Quantitative comprises of various question. Good practice of R.S.Aggarwal is more than enough. Try answering as much question as possible. But do divide your Time Proportionally. Comprehension comprises of extremely long paragraphs, which are of really high level. BARRONS-GRE book is good enough for that. Try to read the Question first and then find the suitable answer in paragraph rather reading the whole paragraphs.

    Logical question are fewer in number but do require a lot of thinking. I had marked around 72 questions out of 90. GROUP DISCUSSION: This round is to check your Public Speaking skills. The Topics given are very common and easy. If you are a regular newspaper reader or news listeners then you are surely going to have good amount of matter to speak. Don?t shout in G.D. Try speak your point fluently. Fluency impresses the invigilator. The Topic given to my group was ?Reservation in Professional colleges.? I gave around 5 points and I was in for interview.


    FIANL INTERVIEW: Interview is usually taken by H.R.People. H.R.People are really cool. They talk very calmly. Just try to compose yourself .Don?t overexcite yourself. There are through technical questions for Computer science, I.T. student but for MECHANICAL, Electrical, EC the interview is mainly focused on H.R. Questions.

    I am telling mine experience in the interview----- Knock-Knock,
    ?Sir, Please may I come in??

     H.R.: Ya sure .Please have a seat. (Pause) Well GAURAV, tell me something about yourself?

    G.T: Life comprises of challenges, so let?s face some challenges- this is the Motto of my life. ( such motto do impress people) My name is GAURAV TYAGI, I am from MEERUT. Presently I am doing my Bachelors of Technology from Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut affiliated to UPTU, Lucknow. I have done my schooling from St.Mary?s Academy, Meerut affiliated To ICSE & ISCE Boards. My hobbies are Event Management and Internet surfing.


    H.R: Your hobby is event management. Well state me an incident when you Faced a Problem in it and how you faced it?

    G.T: Well sir during my school days, we were giving a farewell to seniors, But the D.J.didn ?t turned up. So we hurriedly went to one of my Friends? house, borrowed His computer. Went to the market hired 4 Speakers of 5000 watts PMPO. Arranged The setup and a lot of sound Could me prepare and thus the problem got solved.


    H.R: Tell me about the laws of thermodynamics. (Although he never knew About T.D. (But he was trying out my confidence level.)

    G.T.: I fluently described the laws of thermodynamics. There word entropy Came


    H.R.: What is Entropy?

    G.T :I Described Entropy.


    H.R: What?s Specific Enthalpy?? After that he asked the Formula of FORMAL DEHYDE, one small puzzle of measuring 4 liters of water with 5Litres and 3Litres jars. ,

    Finally he asked me why I want to join U.S.Technologies. One sure shot Question?

    H.R.: What do you wanna know about U.S.Technologies?

    G.T.: what?s CMM Level 5 Company? He gave me the full description of CMM Level 5 After that I asked what?s the difference between CMM level 5 and ISO? So do prepare something different to ask them.


    Thus mine sincere Advice to all of you is just be cool and answer the questions with full Confidence and with proper eye contact with the interviewer . Don?t be hopeless. If you don?t know anything just say NO, that too CONFIDENTLY. If you do everything confidently then all you need is just a little bit of luck. An advice to C.S.,I.T. students ? concentrate on your basics since they are Going to GRILL you. Read DATABASE, DBMS, Software Models, Also clearly understand your projects and trainings.


    Rest best of luck.

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