US Technology  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhopal-10 Oct 2006

US Technology  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bhopal-10 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


     iam selected in the US technolgy so i want to share my selection procedure i hope it will  help you.

    round 1: written test:

    The test consists of two section the section 1 is aptitude i.e the questions from R.S aggrawal but the tough ones in this sectin some logical rasoning was therer too mostly the que are from train,age,boats,distance,profit and loss the second section the verbal section 6 unseen [passages were there with lots of question no antonym,synonym .some fill in the short wriiten was tough so try to attempt the whole negative marking.test duratin 90 mins.
    round 2:GD
    It was the elimination round they clared only 75 sudents from aroun 150-175.there were two panels.i was in the second panel and topic given to me is "Fresh engineers are for IT industry" there were 10 candidates in a batch from which 4 cleared the GD.try to be relevant to the topic and dont shout.
    the others got the subject such as:
    Reservation in priovate sector.
    Black and white
    red and blue
    round 3:Interview
    It was mostly the HR kind of interview with some techincal questions may be puzzle.the que are;
    what are my strengths and weekness?
    how many companies i attended before and whay iam not selected?
    some que from internet?
    family backgrond?
    so very simple que were there but they check ur communicatin skills ok tht was the whole procedure
    ok all the best...

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