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The UMBC Humanities Forum offers a program of events that illustrate the richness of contemporary work in philosophy, history, culture, language, literature and the arts. The Forum is particularly interested in demonstrating the links that bring together the humanities, the social sciences and the sciences. For more information visit

humanities forum university of maryland, baltimore county

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social movements and participatory cultural democracy in latin america and the u s 50 10 Sep, 2011
w.e.b dubois lecture: dr. mary frances berry 42 10 Sep, 2011
annual webb lecture by robert k. webb, professor emeritus, department of history, umbc 80 10 Sep, 2011
after hours in the cerebral kitchen: experimental filmmaking in the 21st century 61 10 Sep, 2011
lost in the unknown: family secrets and their consequences 63 10 Sep, 2011
"if that language may be dying, why are you studying it? by thomas t. field 70 10 Sep, 2011
helene cooper: the house at sugar beach: in search of a lost african childhood 70 10 Sep, 2011
alan cheuse :travels around the globe and the mind in a trance after breakfast 67 10 Sep, 2011
virgin territory: on writing a history of virginity 61 10 Sep, 2011
bessie smith's chattanooga 60 10 Sep, 2011
immigration and african diaspora 71 10 Sep, 2011
snow, two cultures and the science wars 62 10 Sep, 2011
lincoln and darwin 74 10 Sep, 2011
politics, expertise and the two cultures 67 10 Sep, 2011
john sturgeon: 2009 lipitz lecture 79 10 Sep, 2011
carla hayden: gaining information 84 10 Sep, 2011
the muslim headscarf in europe: veiled threat or religious freedom? 53 10 Sep, 2011
transmodernism panel discussion 63 10 Sep, 2011
dubois and africa: the convergence of consciousness 67 10 Sep, 2011
mrs.henry hobhouse goes to war-conscience and christian radi 64 10 Sep, 2011

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