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The world is in crisis. Billions of us suffer from illness and disease, despite applicable preventions and cures. Life in our cities is under threat from dysfunctionality and climate change. The prospect of global peace and cooperation remains under assault from tensions between our nations, faiths and cultures. Our quality of life actual and perceived diminishes despite technological advances. These are global problems, and we must resolve them if future generations are to be provided with the opportunity to flourish. UCL asks itself: What can our university do? The answer lies in our accomplishment, expertise and commitment.

ucl grand challenges university college london

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what is wellbeing and how can we measure it? 61 10 Sep, 2011
ucl's sustainable cities launch - reactions 56 10 Sep, 2011
polly toynbee: equality & wellbeing 65 10 Sep, 2011
richard wilkinson: equality & wellbeing 53 10 Sep, 2011
putting research into policy 57 10 Sep, 2011

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