United Health Group  Selection Procedure

United Health Group  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

    HI????.. i am  ROHIT KUMAR. I got selected in UHGIS(UNITED HEALTH GROUP INFORMATION SERVICES). Now i am telling about selection procedure of UHGIS.  there are 30 questions each group and time is of  30 min for each group.
    It consists of following rounds
    3.Technical Round

    Aptitude consists of 3 sections....
    1-Analytical reasoning
    2-Quantitative Problems
    3-C (basic conceptual problem based on nested loops and conditional statements)

    In quanti they ask questions on probability,Work & Time,ages,averages,simple & compound interest,percentage.
    In 'c' questions are like find out output of given program,error finding.
    for Written paper...it requires good time management, b'coz the questions are easy but those are fully conceptual and time taking....

    HR Round...
    In this round they ask general questions like
    1. Tell me about urself.
    2. Ur weaknesses,strengths, hobbies
    3. Why UHGIS . etc..

    Technical Interview Round...

    1. Say something about yourself
    2. Some questions from technical subject like DBMS,Java,Software Testing...
    3. Some Puzzles....very interesting puzzles..
    4. then some questions from ur interesting subject..

    So just ready with ur basic concepts..... 
    All the best everybody

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