Ultratech  Selection Procedure

Ultratech  Selection Procedure

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    hello friends,
    i am s. sarkar,a mechanical engg. 4m B.I.T. , DURG. actually i appeared for its written test on 13th  february,2009.
    there will be 3 rounds.
    1) WRITTEN-this one will be very easy for those whose basics are clear.most of the questions will be from thermodynamics & fluid machinery.and some will be from material science.
         Thermo-basics,carnot,rankine cycle,laws of thermodynamics,entropy,some part of refrigeration
         FLUID & TURBO - turbines,instruments to measure flows,basic concepts and units of different parameters
         MANUFACTURING -composition of general elements
         try to solve r.k. jain,as it will be sufficient for this topics.be careful,as lot of ans. r wrong in that book.

    2) GD-optional,depending on no.of  students cleared the cutoff

    3) PI-if u think it depends on marks,u r totally wrong.my percentage  was  least & also got least in written.i know that because  they told me during my interview that they dont want bookworm but a guy who can work hard & survive tough conditions of core industries. be confident even if u have given the wrong answer.keep a smile on u r face.
              they will just check ur confident and nothing else.
              eligibility 4 written- 1st division in x,xii ,graduation
              u will need only 2 things to clear the interview - confidence & luck

    so,good luck my friends


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