UAlbany Students Challenge President George Philip To Recycling Toss

UAlbany Students Challenge President George Philip To Recycling Toss


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, University at Albany students challenged President George M. Philip to a recycling toss competition during the University's "Earth Love 101." UAlbany raised environmental awareness with a day-long schedule of activities on Earth Day, including sustainability-themed student performances, a panel discussion by environmental experts, cooking demonstrations with locally-grown foods, and the recycling toss competition. UAlbany is committed to fostering, adopting and advancing an environment of going green and sustainability on campus and beyond. Consistent with the University's dedication to its Green Scene" efforts, UAlbany environmental initiatives include sustainability-themed residence halls for students; locally-grown produce and grass-fed beef in dining halls; fall and intersession energy campaigns throughout residence halls and academic buildings saving $319,000; and campus transportation initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions. University faculty are also committed to sustainable research, including examining the coordination and optimization of traffic signals as a means to minimize wait-times at intersections, thereby reducing automobile engine idling time and greenhouse gas emissions.

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